February26 - Videos to Watch! [MACHINIMA]

Show off your personal work, or share some of your favorite videos.
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February26 - Videos to Watch! [MACHINIMA]

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The are simply examples of other people's work from the month of February that I'm marking as MUST SEE!

"Pwnage Like Us" - Feat. Nyhm, Gigi, Demineonz, and some black guy that plays a rogue.
Well, let's start by saying Nyhm is an amazing songwriter when it comes to placing WoW lyrics over the popular songs of the time. They make for some good laughs :-)
But taking all of the "infamous" WoW singers and putting them into one song and video? WIN
::::VIEW MOVIE::::
::::VIEW MOVIE::::
Visit the authors:
http://www.pvpgurl.com << Gigi (yeah it's really a girl ZOMG.)
http://www.youtube.com/phrog801 <<< Nyhm
http://www.youtube.com/Demineonz <<< Demineonz
http://www.youtube.com/DruidBoyAbandonation <<< Abandonation

No Point: Stretching Time - BaronSoosdon
Baron Soosdon returns with another 30 minute long video that makes you wonder WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HURR?
But at the same time you can't help but be memorized by the flashy editing and high definition quality!
::::VIEW MOVIE::::
::::VIEW MOVIE::::

The idea here is to hopefully keep everyone "in the loop" of the big WoW Machinima releases I come across each month. So I'll try to keep this going with AT LEAST one thread per month, maybe Two threads if the month is full of releases!
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