Useful video programs

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Useful video programs

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Video Capturing:
Fraps - This is by far the most popular, and IMO the best capturing software. I actually went ahead and purchased a real version. Which is an incredibly rare thing for me to do. Incredible quality does, however, mean HUGE filesizes. So be aware that you will need a lot of space to capture a lot of high quality footage.

WeGame - This is probably the best 100% free capturing software. The quality isn't as great to me, but hey it's free! And of course this means the files will be smaller too. It's backed by the infamous machinimist Oxhorn

Editing Software
Windows Movie Maker - Most versions of windows come with this handy little quick, simple, movie making software. It's a cut and paste atmosphere, and therefore its power is quite limited. So I would only recommend this for a beginner.

Sony Vegas - This is a powerful program, but it's limited to a 30-40 day trial. It's a much more user-friendly interface than a lot of the other high-end editing programs. And I'd highly recommend it to any beginners and experts alike for it's easy to use pure POWER.

Adobe Premiere/Adobe After Effects - These are my babies. 100% power and efficiency. PERFECT programs. They are a little harder to get used to than your typical program. Unfortunatly, the "free" is limited to a one month trial program.

If you have some suggestions or other input please feel free to share
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