Judge rules WoW bot violates DMCA

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Judge rules WoW bot violates DMCA

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http://arstechnica.com/gaming/news/2009 ... ubling.ars
The website wrote:Glider, a popular WoW bot, took another hit on Wednesday as a federal judge ruled that the product went beyond copyright infringement to being a circumvention device under the DMCA.
There's a better discussion as it applies to gamers at Slashdot. The Ars Technica page is aimed more at programmers, who will also be affected by the ruling (circumvention and reverse-engineering are large parts of software engineering for some programs).

Hopefully we'll see a drop in the amount of gold being bought, and of AH flooding.

Also the price of fish will rise dramatically (from extremely low to really low, I'll bet).
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Re: Judge rules WoW bot violates DMCA

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Oh wow. I got banned for glider way back when BC FIRST came out.

Because I botted for a couple months when I was bored in vanilla WoW.
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