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Not sure where this would go...

This is a request for artwork.

I need three graphics done for my current project. They are the icons in the upper left of the window (you can see what I mean here (the |WS| at the top)).

I need three: The image needs to be in TARGA format, 64x64 pixels. I've attached a template file that'll load into Photoshop and such with the alpha layer already properly set.

I want the created image to cover the entire square and also look good with the alpha hiding the corners (it'll be used both ways).

I'm looking for something related to the game module, also WoW-themed, but not necessarily a copy from WoW. It's also gotta' be simple, since it's going to be small. I was thinking a mine for Minsweeper, for example. Maybe a small part of a Dots-game-in-progress for the Dots image...
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Re: [Request]

Post by GamingSanctum »

i'll try n find some time to hit this project.
A lot going on IRL right now. But ill see what can be done
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