Welcome to GamingSanctum Productions! We are a small gaming community that originally formed back in 2005 as a General Community Forum. Unfortunately, the community slowly faded while General Community Forums were phased out by other means of instant community and gaming became more of a “main-stream” hobby. The founders of GamingSanctum, however, have been not only playing games but now running servers and online services as well. We thought it was about time for GamingSanctum.com to be revived! Please join us as we restore and relaunch the GamingSanctum Community!

Our main mission right now is increasing the player-base on our game servers and continuing to embrace a positive, friendly, (but competitive), community. PvP games have a tendency to get a little…toxic…and that is sometimes warranted, but in the end we strive for a community of friendly players who can win and lose with dignity.
We also take a strong stance against offering any pay-to-win content on our servers. We do not ask for, or even accept, donations. We do not offer in-game stores to make money on the side. We simply provide gaming servers for all to enjoy.

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