Ark: Survival Evolved Cluster

GamingSanctum proudly hosts a great Ark: Survival Evolved 3-man tribe, PvP cluster! We currently run 5 maps per season (voted on by the community every wipe). The 5 map setup sometimes creates interesting challenges as you can only use the dinosaurs/engrams that are available on those maps. We wipe every 3 months. Be sure to checkout the Cluster Settings Page for full details on adjusted rates and other server details.

Our servers are located in California, USA.
Last Wipe: August 27, 2021
Next Wipe: ~November 26, 2021

If you are going to play on the cluster you are expected to know and follow the cluster rules!
We try to keep the game as mod-free as possible, but some have been added to accommodate the 3-man tribe limit. See our cluster plugin page for full details.

As always, the easiest way to connect is by using the in-game server browser and searching: “GamingSanctum” in the unofficial server list. If you’re looking to quickly add them to your steam favorites you can use the following:
Current Maps:
Valguero –
Ragnarok – 27019
The Island –
Extinction –
Crystal Isles –

The Island


The Center






Crystal Isles