Ark: Survival Evolved Cluster

GamingSanctum proudly hosts a great Ark: Survival Evolved 3-man tribe, PvP cluster! We currently run 5 maps per season (voted on by the community every wipe). The 5 map setup sometimes creates interesting challenges as you can only use the dinosaurs/engrams that are available on those maps. We wipe every 3 months. Be sure to checkout the Cluster Settings Page for full details on adjusted rates and other server details.

Our servers are located in California, USA.

Last Wipe: Season 14 ended and Season 15 Began – June 1, 2024 @ 2:00pm PST
Next Wipe: Season 15 will be the FINAL GamingSanctum Ark Season

All servers reboot nightly and perform a WILD dino wipe in the process. (Tames are unaffected)

If you are going to play on the cluster you are expected to know and follow the cluster rules!
We try to keep the game as mod-free as possible, but some have been added to accommodate the 3-man tribe limit. See our cluster plugin page for full details.

As always, the easiest way to connect is by using the in-game server browser and searching: “GamingSanctum” in the unofficial server list. If you’re looking to quickly add them to your steam favorites you can use the following:

Current Maps:
Fjordur –
Ragnarok –
Aberration –
The Island –