Ark Cluster Plugins/Mods


ORP(Offline Raid Protection) is available

-20% Structure damage (80% reduction), 3x turret damage to players and tames
-You can set 1 ORP base on each server in the cluster
-ORP lasts for 5 days before auto-disabling. (ORP will auto-disable 5-days/120 hours after your last logout on that server). Every login/logout on that server refreshes this 5-day countdown.
-Dinosaurs set to passive WITH NO LOOT ON THEM will be immune to damage while ORP is active.
-There is a 90-second cooldown on building after entering PvP combat. This 90-seconds will reset if you perform any pvp actions within those 90-seconds.
-You cannot transfer servers if you have any items while the PvP cooldown is active.
/showorp – Show visual orp range
**/setorp ** – Sets the tribe ORP at the player location (Tribe Admins can use this and logs message to the Tribe Log)
/removeorp – Removes the tribe ORP (Tribe Admins can use this and logs message to the Tribe Log)

Tribe Log Relay

Tribe Log Relay allows you to have your tribe log sent to a discord text channel for offline notifications.
/tlr <DiscordWebHookHere> (ex: /tlr )
This must be set on every server individually.

/ds – Show base stats of your tames.

New Player Protection

New Player Protection NPP was abandoned by it’s original creator, but made open source. I have made some adjustments and recompiled it myself. It’s definitely in BETA, but I feel it’s important to try and protect new players from the aggressive progressed tribes. Please report any bugs you notice to GamingSanctum directly via DM.(Updated 07/22/2022)

New Player Protection(NPP) automatically gives 48-hours(variable based on overall progress of other tribes) of STRUCTURE IMMUNITY to new players. NPP expires at 48-hours(variable based on overall progress of other tribes) after character creation OR when a player in your tribe reaches level 100 – whichever comes first. (NPP Duration will increase as we progress further into the season) NPP must be disabled before your tribe can raid another tribe. You can manually disable it, but it cannot be reactivated once disabled

/npp status ~ Shows how much time/levels you have left before the protection wears off.
/npp disable ~ Disables protection for user’s tribe (only tribe admins can do)
NPP will not be active for the first week or two of a fresh wipe. It will phase in as the season progresses and the protection lengths will increase