Ark Cluster Plugins/Mods

ORP(Offline Raid Protection) is available:

-20% Structure damage (80% reduction), 4x turret damage to players and tames
-You can set 2 ORP bases on each server
-ORP lasts for 5 days before auto-disabling. (ORP will auto-disable 5-days/120 hours after your last logout on that server). Every login/logout on that server refreshes this 5-day countdown.
-Dinosaurs set to passive WITH NO LOOT ON THEM will be immune to damage while ORP is active.
-There is a 90-second cooldown on building after entering PvP combat. This 90-seconds will reset if you perform any pvp actions within those 90-seconds.
-You cannot transfer servers if you have any items while the PvP cooldown is active.
/setorp <name of base here> – to set your ORP (The name of your base can be anything you want it to be. It’s just so you can identify it if you need to delete it later.)
/orp – to view status of your ORP
/setorp <id> <name of base> – replaces ORP with current location
/removeorp <name of base here>- Removes ORP with
/listorp – for IDs and names

Tribe Log Relay:

Tribe Log Relay allows you to have your tribe log sent to a discord text channel for offline notifications.
/tlr <discord webhook here>(ex: /tlr )
This must be set on every server individually.

/dinostats or /ds – Show base stats of your tames.

/suicide – Kill yourself. Useful when you are stuck. Cannot be used in most pvp situations.