Ark Cluster Rules

-Players come in all ages, keep that in mind when talking in Global. Racism and bigotry will not be tolerated. (Be appropriate, no excessive use of bad language, etc.)
-Generic names such as Human, 123, etc. are not allowed. You will be asked to change your name by an admin. (Or a name will be chosen for you if you do not wish to provide one)
-You must have the same character and tribe name on every server in the cluster. Tribe hopping is forbidden and bannable. (Tribe hopping is temporarily switching tribes and then joining back with your original. Joining a new tribe permanently is fine.)
-Joining a tribe to steal items/destroy/wipe their base is not allowed and is BANNABLE
-NO ALLIANCES ALLOWED – You don’t have to attack everyone on sight, but teaming up for raids/bosses/mini-bosses is not allowed.
–If you are soaking turrets, pvping at, or entering another players base – YOU CANNOT BE WITH ANOTHER TRIBE. It’s a very simple concept. If you’re near another players base for the sake of raiding/looting, you must be with your tribe members ONLY(updated 7/12/2022)
-This is a common decency thing, but apparently must be said for some – POPCORNING IS BANNABLE. (Popcorning is when you drop your loot while being attacked/raided to prevent the attacking team from getting the loot).
-No Exploiting glitches/bugs. (Mesh biting, mesh turrets, duping, etc.) This includes platform saddles/rafts extending into buildings with C4.
–Mesh Caves/Ratholes are fine to build in as long as your structures are destroyable. A structure is MESHED and ILLEGAL if it cannot be destroyed by another player without admin intervention.(updated 8/29/2022)

-It’s PVP and we are all here for a good time, but griefing the same tribe over and over does nothing but encourage the playerbase to thin out. Avoid raiding the same tribe repeatedly. Give them a chance to rebuild and continue playing.
You must wait 48-hours after you have raided a tribe to raid that same tribe again.
-Killing dinosaurs without having to break into a base is not considered a raid. If dinosaurs are out in the open, they’re fair game. (updated 06/25/2022)
What counts as a raid to put you on a 48-hour timer?
-A fob at some one’s base is a clear indication that you intend to raid. If you fob up, it’s a raid.
-Destroying a structure that is part of their base or defenses, is considered a raid. Destroying foundations, sleeping bags, dinosaur traps, etc. out in the wilderness is not considered a raid.
-Soaking Turrets: The community has voted that soaking is not a raid. That being said, it cannot be done with more than your own tribe members and if a structure is destroyed or you fob up, it is then a raid.
How long can a raid last?
-There is no limit on how long a raid can last.
-HOWEVER, if there is a 1-hour period of no structures destroyed or obvious tribe log kill/deaths related to the raid – the raid is considered OVER and your 48-timer to raid that same tribe begins.

-A clean server runs better! Remove unnecessary traps and FOBs when you’re done with them. Every piece of building adds to server load.
-Do NOT give out player base locations or coordinates in chat.
-No building BASES around obelisks or in artifact caves. Bases in these locations will be admin wiped. (Updated 6/18/2021)
-Extinction city building: ensure you are not directly blocking a city terminal and that your turrets do not shoot people at terminals. PvP at these locations is definitely allowed.
-Building on Spawn Points is NOT ALLOWED and is a BANNABLE OFFENSE.
-Building on or blocking Genesis quests is NOT ALLOWED and is a BANNABLE OFFENSE.
-I will not restore items or dinosaurs for ANY reason.(updated: 6/24/2022)

-If you REALLY think that someone is cheating, DO NOT call them out in chat or discord. Instead, DM me ASAP and I will monitor them as soon as I can. If you publicly accuse them of cheating, they will likely stop whatever they are doing because they are aware someone could be watching.(updated 7/22/2022)