Ark Cluster Settings

Welcome to the GamingSanctum Ark PVP Cluster!
Our servers are located in California, USA.

Last Wipe: Season 14 ended and Season 15 Began – June 1, 2024 @ 2:00pm PST
Next Wipe: Season 15 will be the FINAL GamingSanctum Ark Season.

Current Maps:
Fjordur –
Ragnarok –
Aberration –
The Island –

Current settings:

5x XP – 5x Harvest – 10x Tame – Max Lvl Wild Dinos 225 – 25x Egg Hatch – 35x Maturation – .07 Imprint Interval – Food/Water Consumption – 0.5
Cannon structure damage is disabled
3-man tribes
NO ALLIANCES ALLOWED – You don’t have to attack everyone on sight, but teaming up for raids/bosses is not allowed.
Interfering with an active raid IS NOT ALLOWED
Global Chat is Cluster-wide

Un-tameable dinosaurs:

Mek’s are disabled
All Titans